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Daryel R. Dunston (MPA ’18)

Daryel R. Dunston

Degree Received:
B.A., University of Virginia

Most recent position:
Fire Marshal, Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department

Prior Experience
“In addition to performing routine fire inspections and investigations, I worked closely with the leadership of the department, and other local government officials, to draft policy and legislation that ensured public safety and emergency preparedness.”

Why I Chose UC Berkeley
“An MPA degree from UC Berkeley will equip me with the management and leadership skills needed to better influence policy decisions within my organization, while simultaneously positioning me to become a competitive candidate for executive leadership. An MPA degree, specifically from the Goldman School, will also improve my chances of being selected for a local or federal appointment in the future.”

How An MPA Degree Will Benefit Me
“A Master of Public Affairs will strengthen my research and analytical skills, while improving my ability to effectively lead in the public sector. I see myself as a leader in the public or non-profit sector, and the MPA will equip me with transferable executive and management skills to lead large agencies or organizations.”

How I View My MPA Cohort
“One word: family.”

A Highlight Since Starting My MPA Program
“One of the highlights that stick out is connecting with Misty Loetterle, MPA Career Coach. When I met with her I immediately knew she was knowledgeable, engaging, and genuinely concerned with helping me achieve my career goals.”

Last updated on 09/26/2018