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Charlotte Hill (MPP ’17)

Senior Communications Director, Represent.Us

Charlotte Hill

Charlotte Hill came to Goldman from the world of communications for social good. Most recently, she worked at Change.org, the world’s largest social change platform, where she developed its corporate communications program and spearheaded an effort to help prominent brands like Nike, Gap, and Disney engage directly with citizen-led movements. During her three years at Change.org, Charlotte helped the company grow from 2 million to 70 million users and served as a corporate spokesperson in outlets including the Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, and the LA Times.

At Change.org, Charlotte witnessed firsthand what a powerful contribution Silicon Valley could make to the advocacy sector. So she set out to harness the West Coast’s innovative spirit on the most important issue facing America today: government corruption. Research shows that federal politicians pay little attention to the policy priorities of everyday Americans, instead focusing their attention on the needs and desires of elite lobbyists and campaign contributors. Charlotte is dedicated to changing this equation through smart political strategy, compelling communications, and a “move fast and break things” ethos.

While the decision to return to school was difficult, the Goldman School offered Charlotte an irresistible opportunity to build her analytical toolkit beyond communications. In her first year, her problem-solving skills have both deepened and broadened, making her a more effective thinker and advocate. She now feels exponentially better able to effectively diagnose the central problems facing American democracy and identify the best ways to fix them.

Charlotte currently sits on the board of Represent.Us, a national, bipartisan effort to end government corruption in America, and writes regularly about money in politics for The Huffington Post. She was recently awarded the Jacob K. Javits Political Leadership Scholarship at the Goldman School, helps lead the GSPP Politics & Public Policy student group, and participates in a cross-campus money in politics steering committee.

Charlotte graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2009, with a B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Last updated on 10/16/2017