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Profiles - Students

Christina Baumgardner

Christina Baumgardner (MPP ’16)

Recipient, Jacob K. Javits Political Leadership Scholarship

Christina is a recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Political Leadership Scholarship. Prior to Goldman, she spent seven years on Capitol Hill serving as the Senior Policy Advisor to US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) on K-12 and higher education, judiciary, immigration, and LGBTQ issues. A recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Political Leadership Scholarship, Christina is dedicated to reducing inequity in public education and implementing evidence-based education reform policies.

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John Romankiewicz

John Romankiewicz (MPP/MS-ERG ’16)

Prior to Goldman, John was a Fulbright research grant recipient and worked on US-China clean energy and climate change policy. Now, as a dual MPP and MS-ERG student, he hopes to strengthen his background in microeconomics and policy analysis at GSPP to serve his interests in the area of microgrids and other demand-side solutions to grid integration of renewable energy.

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Ecaterina Burton

Ecaterina Burton (MPP ’16)

Prior to Goldman, Ecaterina worked at the California Hunger Action Coalition, a statewide advocacy group focused on advancing policies that end hunger and poverty. She currently splits her time between starting the New Leaders Council Oakland, teaching undergraduates as a GSI, and participating in Students of Color in Public Policy.

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Charlotte Hill

Charlotte Hill (MPP ’17)

Senior Communications Director, Represent.Us

Charlotte Hill is a recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Political Leadership Scholarship at the Goldman School. She currently sits on the board of Represent.Us and writes regularly about money in politics for The Huffington Post.

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David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez (MPP ’15, MA-IAS ’16)

David Gutierrez is a recipient of the Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship, a fellowship intended to prepare graduate students for careers with the US Foreign Service. Prior to Goldman, David worked in international affairs with the Carter Center's America Program, as well as in the Regional Migration Study Group with the Migration Policy Institute (MPI).

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Alexandra Lozanoff

Alexandra Lozanoff (MPP ’16)

Berkeley Board Fellows

Alexandra Lozanoff has a strong interest in education policy and is currently a Berkeley Board Fellow. Prior to coming to Goldman, Alexandra was Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning on the National Program team of Peer Health Exchange (PHE), a national non-profit organization that trains college students to teach health workshops in public high schools.

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Ali Sutton

Ali Sutton (MPP ’16)

Ali worked on President Barack Obama's primary campaign in 2007 as a field director for Americans living abroad, the first campaign to ever have staff overseas to encourage expatriates to vote. Currently, Ali is pursuing her interest in anti-poverty policies at the Goldman School.

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Oscar Gonzalez

Oscar Gonzalez (MPP ’16)

Prior to coming to Goldman, Oscar was a family education specialist with the California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative. Oscar is currently pursuing his strong interests in education policy and community development at GSPP.

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Austin Land

Austin Land (MPP ’16)

Board Member, Hands Across Sea

Austin previously worked in the Peace Corps and Innovations for Poverty Action. Now, Austin works as both a board member for the non-profit organization Hands Across Sea and as a GSI for UC Berkeley's political economy department.

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