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Profiles - Students

Elizabeth O’Malley

Elizabeth O’Malley (MPA ’17)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my work within the field of fundraising for arts non-profits, but I felt that I could do more and make a deeper impact. I came to realize that I did not only want to fund the strategic plans of an organization, I wanted to create them.”

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Frank Molina

Frank Molina (MPA ’17)

“I had worked in philanthropy for almost 7 years and learned a lot about the intersection of policy and philanthropic investments, but I needed more skills to understand the real impact of social change investment and measure impact. The MPA at Goldman is equipping me with the strategic and analytical skills necessary to identify, consume, and evaluate the effectiveness of policy interventions. Getting an MPA at Goldman means that I can leverage the technical skills I received in management school with the rich multidisciplinary policy analysis curriculum offered at GSPP.”

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Felipe Carrera-Aguayo

Felipe Carrera-Aguayo (MPA ’17)

“In addition to the prestigious reputation of UC Berkeley among the scientific and academic community, and how well regarded the Goldman School is in policy circles, what really attracted me was the strong sense of community that I felt when I first visited Goldman, and the special focus they place on providing the necessary tools to successfully address the wide range of issues that governments face in the real world.”

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Christa Brown

Christa Brown (MPA ’17)

“Our cohort has had an amazing opportunity to engage with our instructors on a personal level. Because our cohort is small, we get to talk to them both as faculty and advisers, and also to hear their personal experiences and stories. The Goldman school has done an excellent job blending traditional academic-track faculty with faculty members that come from the private and public sectors.”

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Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown (MPA ’17)

“I've always wanted to pursue a Master's degree. This year seemed like the right time to finally ​go for it because I am increasingly leading projects and teams at work, and want to improve my ability to identify, evaluate, and implement alternatives to the status quo.”

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Sarah Ting

Sarah Ting (MPP ’17)

Prior to Goldman, Sarah worked with the Oakland Unified School District to form a district-wide farm to school initiative and garden education program. In 2014, she was honored for her service with an invitation to meet First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.

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Adam  Orford

Adam Orford (MPP/MA-ERG ’18)

Adam returned to graduate school after a career as an attorney specializing in environmental, energy, and natural resources litigation. In addition to his studies, he spent the last year working at the California Public Utilities Commission, focusing on electric vehicle-grid integration, alternative fueled vehicles policy, and energy research program management. 

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Jeanette Ling

Jeanette Ling (MPP ’16)

Jeanette previously worked as a Research Associate in the Antitrust & Competition Practice at Charles River Associates (CRA), where she saw the value of research and data analysis when economics and law intersect to enforce policy. This summer, Jeanette will be interning at the Legislative Analyst Office in Sacramento, helping to provide policy recommendations to the California State Legislature.

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Jessie Knapstein

Jessie Knapstein (MPP/MS-ERG ’17)

Project Consultant, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI)

Prior to Goldman, Jessie first served as an intern for a Democratic congressman where she tracked energy and environmental legislation, and later as an energy analyst for the Department of Energy's (DOE) Building Technologies Office in DC. In addition to pursuing a dual MPP/MS-ERG degree, Jessie is curently a project consultant for Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) and VP of Events and Programs for the Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative (BERC).

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Dan Aas

Dan Aas (MPP/MA-ERG ’17)

Senior Programs Associate, The Energy Foundation

Dan Aas is a dual degree student at GSPP and the Energy and Resources Group (ERG). Dan previously worked at the Energy Foundation, where he covered a portfolio of grants focused on energy efficiency and supported the development of a strategic plan to accelerate decarbonization of the US electric power sector.

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