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Profiles - Students

Heidi  Kim

Heidi Kim (MPP Candidate ’18)

Heidi chose the Goldman School of Public Policy because she wanted to become a policy analyst with both qualitative and quantitative analysis skills. Having the little quantitative background, she felt that the core requirement at GSPP focusing on economics and econometrics analysis methods would give her a good start on building her quantitative analysis skills. GSPP's focus on poverty and inequality spoke to her as she wanted to assist people with the least access to power and prosperity by improving efficiency and effectiveness of government programs. 

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Allison  Bormel

Allison Bormel (MPA ’18)

“While I have significant experience communicating complicated policy matters, I am excited that the MPA curriculum has allowed me to deepen my understanding of policy analysis and budgeting.”

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Daryel R. Dunston

Daryel R. Dunston (MPA ’18)

“I see myself as a leader in the public or non-profit sector, and the MPA will equip me with transferable executive and management skills to lead large agencies or organizations.”

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Ryan  Clausnitzer

Ryan Clausnitzer (MPA ’18)

“The Berkeley MPA program was exactly what I was looking and waiting for: a top program with on and off-campus flexibility that allowed me to maintain my current employment.”

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Moses  Zapien

Moses Zapien (MPA ’18)

“As a recent policymaker, I recognize the value of a formal public policy education and the difference it makes in the decision-making process.”


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Monica  Pech

Monica Pech (MPA ’18)

“Since this was an investment towards my future, I wanted to immerse myself in a challenging learning environment at a selective school that provides high quality education with high caliber students. GSPP has exceeded my expectations.”

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Hector  Mujica

Hector Mujica (MPA ’18)

“The amount of expertise and experience my instructors bring into the classroom has been a highlight of my experience. They make the concepts and theories understandable because they have applied them to real life scenarios, and they bring those lessons into the classroom creating opportunities for “ah ha” moments.”

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Nicole Lindler

Nicole Lindler (MPA ’18)

“My cohort is an incredible group of leaders from all over the world and they each bring their varying experiences into the classroom each day, which serve as a large part of the learning.”

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Godwin Tang

Godwin Tang (MPA ’17)

“It's been almost 8 years since I started working in the public sector. After stints in portfolios that included social and economic policy, and as well as strategic planning, I thought it was time to take stock of my career and upgrade my skills to chart the next lap.”

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Jeff Rayos

Jeff Rayos (MPA ’17)

“I envision myself as a change agent for the public sector. I want to transform governments to become cleaner, smarter and more efficient. The MPA degree has prepared me with the tools and techniques to make that happen.”

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