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Profiles - Students

Lisa Quan

Lisa Quan (MPP Candidate ’18)

Lisa is interested in further cultivating academic-public-private partnerships around robust data collection strategies and evidence-based research in hopes of identifying innovative, data-driven approaches to address our most pressing social and urban policy issues. She chose Goldman because it provides her with key tools and opportunities to achieve these career aspirations: overall emphasis on quantitative methods and techniques and analytic rigor; a rich learning environment cultivated by classmates, faculty, and staff with a wealth of experience and expertise; and a close-knit, collaborative community passionate about making positive impacts not only in their professions but in all aspects of their lives.

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Purushottam Basava

Purushottam Basava (MPA Candidate ’18)

“To facilitate such rich discussions in a classroom of mid-career professionals from varying industries and policy interests takes true talent and is something the faculty at Goldman do.”

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Victor Baten

Victor Baten (MPP Candidate ’18)

Victor chose the Goldman School for its reputation of providing policy leaders strong analytical skills in a small and collegial environment, while working with real world clients on policy issues. This coupled with the ability to take courses at the other top professional graduate programs at UC Berkeley, distinctly differentiated GSPP from the other policy programs he was considering.

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Emily Wolff

Emily Wolff (MPA Candidate ’18)

“With my MPA, I hope to be able to create a bridge between the populations most impacted by policy decisions and the policy-makers themselves.”

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William Ford

William Ford (MPP Candidate ’18)

William chose the Goldman School over programs in international affairs and public administration elsewhere because it offers skills-based learning, particularly in the area of quantitative methods, that is increasingly relevant in the field of international development. He found Berkeley's approach to be more inter-disciplinary and forward-thinking than at other more traditional international affairs programs.

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Leslie Hamilton

Leslie Hamilton (MPA Candidate ’18)

“I want to work alongside other leaders who are ready to take the next step in their careers and are devoted to leaving their communities better than they found them.”

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Jael Makagon

Jael Makagon (MPP Candidate ’18)

Jael selected the Goldman School because of its pipeline to all levels of government, its proximity to companies at the cutting edge of technology, and its links to other departments on the Berkeley campus that are leaders in technology issues. He was excited to learn from the Goldman School's faculty, with its diverse array of research interests, and to add quantitative skills to his existing legal toolkit

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Anna Duning

Anna Duning (MPP Candidate ’18)

Anna was drawn to GSPP because of its ties to Bay Area and California policymakers. She was also excited to take advantage of the range of course offerings throughout UC Berkeley. 

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Dennis O’Connor

Dennis O’Connor (MPA Candidate ’18)

“I plan to focus my ongoing career on Health Policy concentrating on providing quality healthcare to everyone in the United States, humanitarian disaster relief, as well as operational medicine and casualty evacuation.”

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Rachel Pizatella-Haswell

Rachel Pizatella-Haswell (MPP Candidate ’18)

Rachel chose the Goldman School because it offered her the opportunity to build her analytical skills both practically, through client-based projects and academically, in the classroom

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