Goldman School of Public Policy - University of California, Berkeley

Profiles - Donors

Mel Levine

Mel Levine (UCB ’64)

"Informed and educated policy-makers are ultimately the people who are going to make decisions about our democracy."

Carla Javits

Carla Javits (MPP ’85)

President, REDF

"Summer internships develop the talent that will lead our country in the future."

Lisa and Douglas Goldman

Lisa and Douglas Goldman

The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund has committed a $2.5 million grant toward a new building for the Goldman School of Public Policy.

Betty and Jim Huhn

Betty and Jim Huhn

"It's important to have a source of truth you can trust. The Goldman School provides that."

James D. Marver

James D. Marver (MPP ’74, PhD ’78)

Co-Founder and Managing Director, VantagePoint Capital Partners

“This is an opportune time to support the Goldman School; It's mission is more relevant today than ever.”

Deborah Kong and Greg Kato

Deborah Kong and Greg Kato

"The Goldman School launched us into our chosen careers in nonprofit advocacy and local government and provided us with invaluable mentors and colleagues."