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Lisa Dreier (MPP/MA-ERG ’2)

Senior Director, Food Security and Development Initiatives, World Economic Forum

Lisa Dreier

Lisa fosters the collaboration between the private sector and governments, with action-oriented partnerships in eleven countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Before coming to the WEF, Lisa worked as the staff manager for the Hunger Task Force of the United Nations Millennium Project and its ten development goals to combat world-wide poverty. It was there that she first became intrigued with problem of hunger. Today, in the aftermath of the global finacial crisis, food security is on the top of many national agendas. 

“Countries realized that they couldn’t rely on donor money to provide food security,” says Lisa. “Instead, they needed investment from the private sector.”

“My work with the WEF is to bridge the gap between government and the private sector,” she continues. “Traditionally, governments work on development plans, then donors use these plans to decide where to invest. At the same time, individual companies are independently coming up with business plans and deciding where they will invest. The WEF platform brings these two groups together and helps them collaborate in a neutral environment.”

During her time at the Goldman School, Lisa helped found the International Public Policy Group (IPPG) and continues to encourage Goldman School students and alumni to pursue international careers.

Last updated on 05/23/2016