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Eun Bong Kang (MPP ’93)

Secretary General, NRCS

Eun Bong Kang

Eun Bong Kang is the Secretary General of the National Research Council (NRCS) for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences of South Korea.

The NRCS supports government-funded research institutions in economic and social science fields, governing 23 think tanks, and 5,500 staff members under its $1 billion annual budget. As Secretary General, Eun Bong Kang supports and supervises the 23 national research institutions by allocating budgets, screening and coordinating research plans and issues, and evaluating the quality of work put forth by its researchers.

Prior to joining NRCS in 2014, Eun Bong Kang held positions in the Prime Minister’s Office of South Korea as Deputy Minister for Regulatory Reform, Policy Analysis & Evaluation, and Jeju Special Province Policy.

In addition to his MPP from the Goldman School, Eun Bong Kang received his J.D. from Dong-A University in Korea.

Last updated on 07/27/2015