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Daniel Lurie (MPP ’5)

CEO and Founder, Tipping Point Community

Daniel Lurie

“In an area as wealthy as the Bay Area, the fact that 600,000 people are living in poverty and 25% of households are too poor to meet their basic needs is unacceptable,” says Daniel Lurie (MPP '05). He is the founder and president of Tipping Point Community (TPC), a nonprofit organization that combats poverty in the Bay Area by providing grants and management assistance to organizations working in education, youth, housing and employment.

“We are 100% impact,” says Daniel. “Every single dollar we raise goes out the door within 12 months. Our first priority is to support our groups to the best of our ability, and we’ll do whatever it takes to meet their needs. In typical funder/grantee relationships, the incentive structure makes open and honest communication with funders difficult,” he continues. “With pre-determined funding timelines and short attention spans in the funder community, a group cannot be assured that a funder will stick with them for the long-term, even if the group is achieving its goals. Our model honors the perspective of the 26 incredible Bay Area poverty-fighting groups in our portfolio; we provide general operating support and partners for the long term. This allows for better communication rooted in trust.”

Since 2005, Tipping Point has raised more than $50 million to educate, employ, house and support more than 160,000 people in need. 

Last updated on 12/10/2014