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Ben Mandel (MPP/MS-ERG ’13)

Renewable Energy Policy Advisor, NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability

Ben Mandel

Ben Mandel is a graduate of the concurrent MPP-ERG program between the Goldman School of Public Policy and the Energy & Resources Group. Originally from New York, Ben is broadly interested in promoting technologies and policies that can greatly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, whether by using energy more efficiently or integrating renewable resources into the electricity grid.

Ben is currently an Energy Law & Policy Fellow at the New York University School of Law's Guarini Center, focusing on advancing energy and environmental policies for an efficient, sustainable economy.

Prior to NYU, he worked as a Graduate Student Research Assistant in the Heat Island Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he conducts research and participates in policy advancement for the use of reflective materials on roofs and pavements to help cool cities. At Berkeley Lab, Ben also assists former California Energy Commissioner Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld in promoting the use of cool roofs in the developing world and characterizing and predicting heat storms in the US. 

Before coming to Berkeley, Ben worked as a Research Associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for two years in the wake of the recent US financial crisis. While at the Fed, Ben contributed to financial policy projects such as a capital calibration exercise for the world's largest banks to ensure that they could remain solvent in the event of future crises, and published research on securitization and the regulatory considerations for the “shadow banking” system. Ben received Bachelor's degrees in Mathematical Economics and Hispanic Literature & Culture from Brown University in 2009.

Last updated on 02/08/2016