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Meet Our Students

Nidhi Hegde

Nidhi Hegde (MPA Candidate ’19)

“I have always admired Berkeley’s commitment to progressive social values, to speaking truth to power, and to standing up for the marginalized. My work in the area of social entrepreneurship had me reflecting on the question of how to infuse more social justice into social entrepreneurship. Asking myself if we are truly serving the most vulnerable with our inclusive business solutions? Or are we creating new types of inequalities and inequities? What socially complex parts of the problem are ignored in the pursuit of scale? When I was researching schools, I found that the professors at Goldman were focused on precisely this type of complexity. I came to Goldman to grapple with these questions, seeking not so much to find definitive answers but to interrogate facile solutions for predictable inequities and unanticipated consequences. And I am excited that in some of my classes, those discussions have begun.”

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Meet Our Alumni

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith (MPP ’12)

Policy Director, U.S. Senate Budget Committee

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Meet Our Donors

Mel Levine

Mel Levine (UCB ’64)

“Informed and educated policy-makers are ultimately the people who are going to make decisions about our democracy.”

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