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Podcast: Talk Policy To Me

Episode 202: Talking Policing and Criminal Justice with Tara Regan Anderson

The dinosaur in the room: can prosecutors help bring the criminal justice system into the 21st century?

Historically, prosecutors’ records were judged by the number of people who were put behind bars. For Tara Regan Anderson (MPP 2010) and her colleagues in San Francisco Defense Attorney Gascon’s office, that’s no longer the goal. Join her and Jonathan Stein (MMP/JD 2013) for a conversation about the shift in thinking around prosecution and the impact this shift is having on police officers, individuals interacting with the police, and the people connected to those individuals. In this episode, Tara talks about her work to support children of incarcerated parents and elaborates on how the criminal justice system affects all those involved, not just the individual entering the system.  

Interested in learning more about the work being done to support children of those in the criminal justice system? Here are three suggestions: 

  1. Explore the research from the Quattrone Center  
  2. Learn more about on-the-ground efforts from Project What! 
  3. Read Tara’s article “The Power of One Embrace”, shared on the National Council on Crime & Delinquency’s