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Call for Proposals: Work with Goldman School Student Consultants to Solve Policy Problems

Is your organization facing a policy problem and would benefit from having a team of Goldman School graduate student consultants analyze and develop a solution?

Update 2/9/2018: We are no longer accepting proposals for the APA and CAP. Please visit this page again in Summer 2018.

We encourage you to submit a project proposal to be considered for Spring 2018!  Every spring semester, organizations engage Goldman School student consultants who can help organizations who are facing a policy problem, challenge, a decision to be made, or missed opportunity. Student consultants analyze the policy problem, and with faculty guidance, develop recommendations to address it - drawing on the analytic and problem-solving skills learned in their MPP/MPA coursework.  GSPP offers three types of client-based projects:

  • Advanced Policy Analysis (APA) Projects: One (1) MPP second-year or graduating student
  • Capstone Analytic Project (CAP): One (1) MPA graduating student
  • Introductory Policy Analysis (IPA) Projects: 3-4 MPP first-year students 

Which Client-Based Project is right for your organization?