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Work with Goldman School Student Consultants to Solve Policy Problems

Is your organization facing a policy problem and would benefit from having a team of Goldman School graduate student consultants analyze and develop a solution?

We are now accepting project proposals for the APA (for MPP students) and CAP (for MPA students).

For IPA: We are no longer accepting proposals for IPA. We hope you will consider submitting a proposal for the APA or CAP.

We encourage you to submit a project proposal to be considered for Spring 2019!  Every spring semester, organizations engage Goldman School student consultants who can help organizations who are facing a policy problem, challenge, a decision to be made, or missed opportunity. Student consultants analyze the policy problem, and with faculty guidance, develop recommendations to address it - drawing on the analytic and problem-solving skills learned in their MPP/MPA coursework.  GSPP offers three types of client-based projects:

  • Advanced Policy Analysis (APA) Projects: One (1) MPP second-year or graduating student
  • Capstone Analytic Project (CAP): One (1) MPA graduating student

Which Client-Based Project is right for your organization?

Note: APA and CAP proposals are submitted through the same system. We have found that proposals work well for either APA or CAP (students are encouraged to inquire with prospective clients whether a proposal they are considering can be scaled up into an APA, or scaled back into a shorter CAP).