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Work with Goldman School Student Consultants: Call for Proposals

Is your organization facing a policy problem and would benefit from having a team of Goldman School graduate student consultants analyze and develop policy recommendations for you to consider?

We encourage you to submit a project proposal to be considered for Spring 2017! Every year, organizations work with Goldman School student consultants during the Spring semester on policy analysis consulting projects projects, where the students analyze a policy problem faced by an organization, and develop recommendations to solve the problem. There are three types of these client-based projects:

  • Advanced Policy Analysis (APA) Projects: (Individual project) - MPP second-year or graduating student (done in mid-January through early May)
  • Capstone Analytic Project (CAP): (Individual project) - MPA graduating student (done in mid-January through early May)
  • Introductory Policy Analysis (IPA) Projects: (Group project) - A team of 3 or 4 MPP first-year students (done in early February through early May) - The submission period for proposals for Spring 2017 IPA is closed. Please consider submitting a proposal for an APA or CAP project for Spring 2017.

Which Client-Based Project is right for your organization?