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Work with Goldman School Student Consultants: Call for Proposals

Every year, organizations work with Goldman School student consultants during the Spring semester on policy analysis consulting projects projects, where the students analyze a policy problem faced by an organizations, and develop recommendations to solve the problem. Students utilize their problem-solving skills learned in the MPP core curriculum (including quantitative/economic analysis, legal analysis, and policy/political analysis).  There are two types of these projects:

Advanced Policy Analysis (APA) Projects.  One advanced second-year graduate student consultant (mid-January through early May).

Introductory Policy Analysis (IPA) Projects. A group of 3-4 first-year students (early February through early May).

If your organization is facing a policy problem or opportunity and would benefit from having a team of Goldman School graduate students analyze and develop policy recommendations for you to consider, we encourage you to submit a project proposal to be considered for Spring 2017