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Robert J. Birgeneau Appointed to GSPP Faculty

Dean Henry E. Brady announced the appointment of Robert J. Birgeneau, the ninth Chancellor of the University of California Berkeley and a world renowned physicist, to the faculty of the Goldman School of Public Policy. Chancellor Birgeneau's major appointment is in physics, but in “his capacity as a public policy innovator and leader, especially in the fields of higher education and science policy, makes him a natural fit,” says Dean Brady.

Robert Birgeneau served as UC Berkeley's chancellor from 2004 to 2013 where he combined world-class scholarship with a distinguished record of service and leadership to the University of California and to higher education.  

Currently, Chancellor Birgneau is leading The Lincoln Project of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences which is assessing the threats to American public higher education and developing a set of recommendations that will help to make sure that UC Berkeley and other public universities remain a strong and vital part of American higher education.