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Reforming the Peace Corps

One GSPP student's quest brings meaning from tragedy.

In November 2011, President Barack Obama signed the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act into law, enacting the most substantial reform of the iconic agency since its inception in 1961.The legislation was the result of years of advocacy from David Puzey (MPP/ERG Candidate '14), whose sister, Peace Corps volunteer Kate Puzey, was murdered after reporting that a Peace Corps contractor had raped several students. The legislation provides powerful whistle-blower safeguards and establishes an Office of Victim Advocacy and Sexual Assault Advisory Counsel. 

“Despite the most polarized congress in US history, we were able to overcome initial opposition and build bipartisan support for legislation to better protect Peace Corps Volunteers,” says David. “Nothing will bring Kate back and I still grieve for her each day. I do, however, take some comfort in knowing her legacy will help better protect future Peace Corps Volunteers.”