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“Inequality for All” Premieres at Sundance

Professor Robert Reich's film on America's widening income inequality

Chancellor's Professor Robert Reich teams up with filmmaker Jocob Kornbluth in a feature documentary exploring America's widening income inequality. Inequality for All premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to strong reviews. In the documentary—much of which was filmmed at the Goldman School and the UC Berkeley campus—Professor Reich clearly and compellingly explains the current econonimc malaise in light of three decades of rising economic inequality. 

“We’re hoping Inequality for All will do for the problem of widening inequality what An Inconvenient Truth did for climate change, not only educate the broader public but also inspire action,” says Professor Reich. “The movie is closely tied to GSPP and the GSPP community. It’s based on my public policy class, 'Wealth and Poverty' and GSPP’s good friend and Board of Advisors member, Steve Silberstein, is executive producer.”

“Inequality for All” epitomizes the notion that good policy analysts do more than analysis,” says Dean Henry Brady. “They also find ways to get their message out into the political arena.”