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GSPP Welcomes Professor Janelle Scott

From Dean Henry E. Brady

I am very pleased to announce that Associate Professor Janelle Scott of UC Berkeley's School of Education and the Department of African American Studies & African Diaspora Studies is joining the Goldman School as a faculty affiliate.

Professor Scott  is a distinguished scholar of American public education. Her work explores the relationship between education, policy, and equality of opportunity, and centers on three related policy strands: the racial politics of public education, the politics of school choice, marketization, and privatization, and the role of elite and community-based advocacy in shaping public education. Her work has appeared in many journals including the Peabody Journal of Education, Educational Policy, American Educational Research Journal, Educational Administration Quarterly, and Harvard Educational Review

Her work is very policy oriented with a focus on how American educational policy has been shaped by foundations, the politics of race in America, and the decentralized nature of American educational school systems. She uses a variety of methods, but she has focused on using extensive interviewing and developing a fine-grained, qualitative understanding of the policy-making process in various locales. She will bring a wealth of policy knowledge and policy experience to the Goldman School along with much-needed expertise in interviewing and qualitative methods.   

Professor Scott has taught courses on “The Politics of Education,” “Research on School Choice,” and “Neo-Liberalism and Educational Policy.” She has also taught in our summer Public Policy and International Affairs program.