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Faculty: David Kirp

Restoring justice to juvenile justice system

Legislation that is now on the governor's desk is a long-overdue attempt to reform the state's disastrous juvenile justice system is broken beyond repair. The measure, Senate Bill 81, turns over responsibility for all but the most violent juvenile offenders to their home counties. While that's a wise m… More

On Proposition 82’s call for universal preschool / Should the state educate 4-year-olds? / PRO: Pres

Should free, high-quality preschool be available to every 4-year-old in the state? That's what Proposition 82, which appears on the June 6 ballot, guarantees. If the research matters, the answer is a no-brainer: pre-kindergarten is a smart investment to make in our children's futures. A library-s… More

Faith-based disaster

That the Federal Emergency Management Agency mismanaged the Hurricane Katrina relief effort is old news. But there's more to FEMA's failure than simple bungling. The Bush administration's core belief that faith-based organizations can do the job better than the government or experienced nonpr… More

Reforming Our Retirement System / Social Security is a kids’ issue

Partisans in the Social Security wars have advanced a host of proposals to trim benefits, raise taxes or encourage investing in the stock market to bankroll retirement. But no one seems to be talking about how to increase productivity—an odd omission, since productivity is the engine that sustains … More