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Faculty: David Kirp

How to Help College Students Graduate

American students are enrolling in college in record numbers, but they’re also dropping out in droves. Barely half of those who start four-year colleges, and only a third of community college students, graduate. That’s one of the worst records among developed nations, and it’s a substantial drain… More

Rage Against the Common Core

Starting in the mid­1990s, education advocates began making a simple argument: National education standards will level the playing field, assuring that all high school graduates are prepared for first-­year college classes or rigorous career training. While there are reasons to doubt that claim — it… More

Teaching is Not A Business

TODAY’S education reformers believe that schools are broken and that business can supply the remedy. Some place their faith in the idea of competition. Others embrace disruptive innovation, mainly through online learning. Both camps share the belief that the solution resides in the impersonal, whether it&rsq… More

From cradle to kindergarten in Sacramento

The buzz in Sacramento is that early childhood education might get a healthy infusion of state funds this year. It's a top priority in the Legislature, and Gov.Jerry Brown, while not leading the charge, appreciates the potential impact of giving kids a running start. There's overwhelming evidence of the l… More