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Who Needs Charters When You Have Public Schools Like These?

Starting in kindergarten, the students in the Union Public Schools district in Tulsa, Okla., get a state-of-the-art education in science, technology, engineering and math. (Credit: Andrea Morales for The New York Times) TULSA, Okla. — The class assignment: Design an iPad video game. For the player… More

How to Pick a Preschool in Less Than an Hour

As soon as I walked into Celia Rojas’s prekindergarten class in Union City, N.J., I was sucked in by the hum of activity. Art plastered the walls, plants were hanging from the ceiling, and in every nook there was something to seize a child’s imagination. Some kids were doing cutouts of paper clothing a… More

Text Your Way to College

Every year, hundreds of thousands of high school seniors make bad choices about where—or whether—to go to college. Some who would excel at top-ranked institutions opt for second-tier institutions. And more than 200,000 students who have been accepted by colleges never enroll. The good news is that, fo… More

A New Way to Improve College Enrollment

American public schools do a good job of getting students into college, but a poor job preparing them to succeed once they’re there. While more than two-thirds of high school graduates enroll in college, nearly two-thirds of those arrive on campus unprepared for college-level rigor. Instead of trying t… More