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Posts from June 2018

GSPP in Japan

A discussion about Japanese healthcare.  A ride on a bullet train.  A conversation with a Hiroshima survivor.  And more. The student-led Goldman School trip to Japan gave participants the unique opportunity to compare and contrast policy approaches while enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of T… More

Making Wise Decisions

Clockwise from top left: Betsy Baum Block, Corey Newhouse, Justine Wolitzer, Jamie Allison.   It started with shopping for hats. Betsy Block (MPP ‘06) first met Jamie Allison the week before the start of classes for their first year at GSPP. They bonded as they shopped for hats along Telegraph Avenue… More

Voting Innovations in Washington State

By Charlotte Hill (MPP ‘17) It seems poetic that the antithesis of Washington, DC’s political corruption and ineptitude can be found in Washington State, 2,493 miles away. Maybe the physical distance between the two jurisdictions helps Washington State’s legislators resist politics as usual. Ma… More

Alithea McFarlane’s MPP ‘18 Commencement Speech

Good morning everyone. I want to start by thanking you, my peers, not only for selecting me to be your commencement speaker, but for giving me the opportunity to do one more 32-hour project, because after submitting my APA at 1:30 in the morning on Friday, I definitely thought to myself, “yeah I could do an… More