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Posts from February 2018

State Tax Codes Up for Review After Federal Tax Overhaul

• States should reconsider credits, exemptions, deductions  • Volatile revenue, pressure to cut taxes are factors  • Some states are more transparent than others  (Bloomberg Law)—States must reconsider every part of their own tax codes as they figure out th… More

Space Matters

Deploying Spatial Data to Solve Public Policy Problems

Imagine that you’ve been given a map of the entire rail system in India with the assignment to determine where to place grain silos in order to maximize utility and minimize transportation costs. Or perhaps you’ve been tasked with determining how many coast guard helicopters are needed to monitor the H… More

Press Release: Conference on CA Budgeting and Transparency Practices

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/—The Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley and the Volcker Alliance will host a half-day discussion in Sacramento on Wednesday, February 21, featuring three panels on California'… More

In Defense of the “Gas Tax”

By Michael Pimentel (MPP Candidate ‘18)

After more than two years of debate, the California State Legislature passed and Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1 (Beall & Frazier), a bipartisan transportation funding measure designed to address California’s growing backlog of deferred maintenance on local streets and roads, state hig… More