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Posts from 2017

The London High-Rise Fire

by Michael O'Hare

The inferno in London is out, mainly because the entire flammable contents of the building have burned up. Fire hoses cannot deliver water to the upper floors of such buildings, and the ladders trucks can bring to the scene don’t reach nearly high enough. Many more deaths will be recorded—I e… More

How “Law and Order” Policies Inflict Violence on Students of Color, and What We Can Do About It

Key Takeaway  Students of color are harmed by brutal policies that exist both inside and outside of schools, but reforms are readily available. Find Documents Press Release: http://nepc.info/node/8699 NEPC Publication: http://nepc.colorado.edu/publication/law-and-order Contact William J. Mathis… More

GSPP Alumni Association Board of Directors 2017-2018 Elections

GSPP Alumni - Vote in this year's Alumni Association Board elections! Your input will strengthen our Association, which is now entering its 19th year, in selecting its future leadership and help the Board represent the diversity of our alumni community. Those who are elected will join the GSPPAA Board of Direc… More

Marine Le Pen and the Rise of European Hawks

by Jerry Chiang

For many American voters in the past election cycle, the offensive bravado and hawkish wave of populism that ushered Donald Trump into the White House appeared like a one-off in the modern history of Western politics; but they may be surprised to find their European counterparts facing the same flurry of aggressiv… More