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‘Forked’ Rates Restaurants On How They Treat Their Workers

Saru Jayaraman speaks about her new book and the restaurant industry with Tracie McMillan.

Protesters gather at a McDonald's to ask for higher wages on April 15, 2015 in Miami Gardens, Fla. Food labor advocate Saru Jayaraman writes in a new book that the company has taken the “low road” and lobbied extensively for lower wages and working conditions standards at the federal and state leve… More

Invest in California’s future, reinvest in higher education

by Dick Ackerman and Mel Levine

For more than 20 years, public higher education has been neglected in California’s budget process. That has begun to change lately, but legislators should commit to a plan to fully restore per-student state support for public higher education to 2001 levels by 2020. (Nick Lammers // Oakland Tribune file) In… More

Lack of Evidentiary Hearing on Abuse Claims Results in Reversal of Hague Return Order

by Julianne Tobin Wojay

A judgment granting a father’s Hague child abduction convention petition for his child’s return to Denmark must be reversed and the matter remanded for a full evidentiary hearing on the mother’s domestic violence claims, the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, has ruled (Noergaard v. Noe… More

The volcanic core fueling the 2016 election

by Robert Reich

Not a day passes that I don’t get a call from the media asking me to compare Bernie Sanders’s and Hillary Clinton’s tax plans, or bank plans, or health-care plans. I don’t mind. I’ve been teaching public policy for much of the last 35 years. I’m a policy wonk. But detailed pol… More