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Posts from 2016

Advice for the Next President: Expand Social Security

A new proposal to tackle the nation’s retirement crisis. Is it crazy?

Photographer: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images The next U.S. president and Congress will face a serious test: What to do, if anything, about the nation's retirement crisis? Americans aren’t saving nearly enough in their 401(k)s, while wide swaths of the workforce aren't saving at all, because they d… More

Summer Internship with The Reach Trust (USAID Global Development Fellowship)

Max Aaronson, MPP '17

In the past summer, over ninety Goldman School students interned in government, nonprofit and private agencies throughout the US and the world. Max Aaronson spent his summer completing a USAID Global Development Fellowship in South Africa.  Through USAID’s Global Development Fellowship, Max interned … More

Coal makes global poverty worse

by Daniel Kammen

On the eve of the Marrakech Climate Conference (COP22) the global energy and development community has an opportunity to embrace and launch a new era of clean energy and energy equity.  We all need energy.  Without affordable, reliable, safe sources of electricity which can be easily accessed, people r… More

Nudges That Help Struggling Students Succeed

by David L. Kirp

When I was in high school, I earned A’s in all my math classes—until I took calculus. In algebra and geometry, I could coast on memorizing formulas, but now I had to think for myself. It was disastrous, culminating in my getting a charity “C,” and I barely passed my college calculus class.… More