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To Teach a Child to Read, First Give Him Glasses

by David L. Kirp

Lilli Carré Half a dozen police cars ring the entrance to the Morris Educational Campus in the Bronx. To enter this venerable Gothic-style building, I have to make my way through a phalanx of policemen and be scanned by a metal detector. But the show of force doesn’t signal that the high school stud… More

Q&A: The Economic Consequences of Denying Teachers Tenure

A California court recently reversed a decision that would have weakened teacher employment protections. Economist Jesse Rothstein discusses the tradeoffs between job security and attracting new teachers.

Third grade teacher Lynn Haskins talks to students at a school in Shingletown, California, on May 25, 2016. Political and legal battles surrounding teacher tenure and seniority have been raging in California over the past couple of years. In 2014, in Vergara v. California, a Los Angeles County Supe… More

July 2016 Newsletter

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Press Release: Gathering Young Leaders for a Better Future

Millennials and the Future of Work in the Golden State

On July 21 - 22, 2016, the Goldman School of Public Policy will bring together Millennials from across California to explore their generation's vision for a better future in the Golden State. The two-day gathering of young leaders will be held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union on the UC Berkeley Camp… More