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Posts from February 2016

Op-Ed Why does Bernie Sanders want to increase income inequality?

By Robert J. Birgeneau

A supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders holds a sign at Sanders' first campaign rally in Michigan. (Bill Pugliano / Getty Images) Free tuition at public colleges and universities — it's a rallying cry in Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, and it sounds like an ef… More

A seat for everyone at the table

By Henry E. Brady and Kay Lehman Schlozman

Concerns about economic inequality have become more and more prominent over the past few years. Occupy Wall Street drew attention to it.  Economists have dissected it. Politicians ranging from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-vt.) to Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) have proposed remedies for it.  What is m… More

Dan Kammen Named US Science Envoy

The US State Department annonced the appointment of Professor Dan Kammen as US science envoy. The program showcases science and tehcnology as engines of progress and economic growth, and as tools of diplomacy.  “I am keen to assist the impressive suite of engagements that the State Department is alread… More

How New York Made Pre-K a Success

by David L. Kirp

Borscht isn’t found on most prekindergarten menus, but it’s what the cooks were dishing up for the 35 children at Ira’s Daycare in Briarwood, Queens, on a recent school day. Many families in this neighborhood are Russian émigrés for whom borscht is a staple, but children from half a… More