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Posts from 2016

An End-of-Year Message from Dean Henry E. Brady

Dear Alumni and Friends of the Goldman School: Like many of you, I find myself reflecting on the state of our nation and world as 2016 draws to a close. I deeply believe in decency toward others, tolerance, respect for each and every person, the value of freedom, and the need for equal opportunity. I also believe… More

Bringing City Government to the Classroom

by Dan Lindheim

Too often, policy analysis is at high levels of abstraction. At the local level, there is little abstraction—everything is excruciatingly real. Policies affect individuals with names and addresses who raise their concerns and struggles directly to your face. As President Obama once told visiting mayors,… More

The Truth About Young Immigrants and DACA

by Janet Napolitano

Maybe you’ve heard this story line before. With the blithe stroke of a pen and without congressional approval, President Obama gave legal status to a vast population of immigrants who entered the country unlawfully—because he wanted to, and because he found a way. I’m referring to the Deferred A… More

A New Way to Improve College Enrollment

by David L. Kirp

American public schools do a good job of getting students into college, but a poor job preparing them to succeed once they’re there. While more than two-thirds of high school graduates enroll in college, nearly two-thirds of those arrive on campus unprepared for college-level rigor. Instead of trying t… More