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Posts from November 2015

A Thanksgiving Message from Dean Brady

As I’ve done for the last few years, I’d like to take a moment on this day before Thanksgiving to think about the spirit of the day and to reflect on our mission and purpose as a School of Public Policy. As a School of Public Policy, we have a special duty to think about how we can create and… More

Anti-Refugee Rhetoric Fundamentally Un-American

The 31 US governors who have refused to accept Syrian refugees, the majority of whom are women and children, seem to have forgotten that we are a nation made up entirely of people who have traveled from far and wide - perhaps during this generation or perhaps generations ago - to seek refuge from persecution and… More

Big Give Report

Thanks to the generosity of alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students, the Goldman School raised more than $20K in the BIG GIVE for student fellowships! The GSPP community also banded together to campaign on social media on behalf of the school. Our efforts garnered an extra $4K in prize money for… More

A New Way to Improve College Enrollment

American public schools do a good job of getting students into college, but a poor job preparing them to succeed once they’re there. While more than two-thirds of high school graduates enroll in college, nearly two-thirds of those arrive on campus unprepared for college-level rigor. Instead of trying to… More