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Posts from October 2015

The Future of SNAP

This brief summarizes key points and critical questions about the “Future of SNAP,” highlighting approaches to improve nutrition policy to ensure health and food equity nationwide. This summary emerged from a workshop held in May 2015 at the University of California, Berkeley (… More

DREAMers and the future of our nation

By Robert J. Birgeneau and Allison Davenport

As the autumn semester begins, thousands of college students are back on campus preoccupied with class schedules, roommates, and pursuing their majors. But undocumented students at our nation’s universities are focused on more pressing concerns. Because they are ineligible for federal financial aid and vulne… More

Does Pre-K Make Any Difference?

by David L. Kirp

Does preschool work? Although early education has been widely praised as the magic bullet that can transport poor kids into the education mainstream, a major new study raises serious doubts. Since 2004, Tennessee has offered state-subsidized prekindergarten, enrolling more than 18,000 of the state’s needies… More