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Posts from October 2015

Proposed state fee would end solar savings

By Daniel Kammen and Jon Wellinghoff

A solar panel is installed in mid-October on the roof of the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park in Sacramento. California consumers are embracing rooftop solar with practical enthusiasm, bringing the state halfway toward its goal of a million solar rooftops by 2020. New rules proposed by a state agency,… More

Study finds climate change will reshape global economy

By Kathleen Maclay

Unmitigated climate change is likely to reduce the income of an average person on Earth by roughly 23 percent in 2100, according to estimates contained in research published today in the journal Nature that is co-authored by two University of California, Berkeley professors. The findings indicate c… More

Are West Coast ports heading for a storm?

by Michael Nacht and Larry Henry

The widened Gatun Locks (foreground) on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal (seen behind) are still under construction, with completion anticipated next spring. The West Coast ports, including the Port of Oakland, have enjoyed decades of success serving as the point of entry for billions of dollars worth of goo… More

Why Tipping Is Wrong

by Saru Jayaraman

The announcement on Wednesday by the New York restaurateur Danny Meyer that he was eliminating tipping at his restaurants shows that he understands the impact tipping really has: It has created a two-tiered wage system with deep social and economic consequences for millions. Mr. Meyer’s move to es… More