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Posts from July 2015

Bucket List Wish Fulfilled

PhD student Ralph Spinelli is in the last stages of terminal cancer, but his bucket list just got a little shorter. The 74-year-old doctoral student and advocate for criminal justice reform had dreamed of meeting Jack Nicklaus to thank him for being a long-time inspiration. Ralph wrote to the golf legend and was … More

Medicine, Law, Business: Which Grad Students Borrow The Most?

by Darian Woods

Perhaps not surprisingly, grad students tend to take on more debt when going into fields where the pay is higher. Students studying medicine and law typically borrow more than $100,000 to get through school, and many go on to high-paying careers. At the other end of the spectrum, many Ph.D. students wind up in a… More

How to fix San Francisco’s Airbnb law

by Alex Marqusee

Brian Chesky’s business, Airbnb, is the focus of renewed attempts to regulate the short-term rental market in S.F. On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will for the second time this summer consider amendments to the Airbnb law regulating short-term rentals to fix the mess former Supervisor Dav… More

Summer Internship in Southeast Asia

This summer, over ninety Goldman School students are interning in government, nonprofit and private agencies throughout the US and the world.  Cesar Manuel Zulaica is working in southeast Asia with the for-profit social enterprise agency Next Billion, which explores the connection between development and b… More