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Posts from 2014

New York State Gets Smarter About Prison Education

by Corey Matthews

Corey Matthews is a first-year MPP student at the Goldman School of Public Policy and a regular blogger for the Wire. Photo Credit: Mike Groll/AP So, let me start my spill with the preface that the idea of prison education as a means to enhance rehabilitation and reentry of prisoners into society is not a new … More

Expand Pre-K, Not ADHD

By Stephen P. Hinshaw and Richard M. Scheffler

The writing is on the chalkboard. Over the next few years, America can count on a major expansion of early childhood education. We embrace this trend, but as health policy researchers, we want to raise a major caveat: Unless we’re careful, today’s preschool bandwagon could lead straight to an epidemic … More

GSPP Mourns the Passing of Professor Suzanne Scotchmer

From Dean Henry E. Brady: I am very sorry and very sad to tell you that our colleague, Professor Suzanne Scotchmer, passed away on Thursday, January 30, after a brief illness. At GSPP, Suzanne championed intellectual rigor and tough-minded thinking about public policy. She also provided us with a model… More

In Search of Integration: Beyond Black & White

by Rucker Johnson

Response: Rucker C. Johnson Rucker Johnson is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at UC-Berkeley.His work considers the role of poverty and inequality in affecting life chances. I appreciate the opportunity to join this blog platform and react to the thoughtful, provocative, and rich comments set forth by … More