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Posts from December 2014

Rage Against the Common Core

by David L. Kirp

Starting in the mid­1990s, education advocates began making a simple argument: National education standards will level the playing field, assuring that all high school graduates are prepared for first-­year college classes or rigorous career training. While there are reasons to doubt that claim — it… More

Protest is Democracy at Work

by Amy E. Lerman

Recent media depictions of the protests in Ferguson, New York City, and around the country have given in to old-fashioned fear mongering. On Fox News and CNN, protesters are depicted as irrational, and the protests as disordered and dysfunctional, a challenge to both our democratic functioning and our better… More

Banning, yet institutionalizing, racial profiling

by Jack Glaser

Whenever I tell people that I study racial profiling, they exclaim how timely the work is.  It is in fact not so much timely as timeless. It seems like there is always a story involving Black suspects and excessive policing.  When the specifics are shocking, as in the Garner case, and they gain media att… More

Senate Confirms Nani Coloretti (MPP ‘94) as HUD’s Deputy Secretary

Statement from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

WASHINGTON - The United States Senate today confirmed President Obama's nomination of Nani Coloretti [MPP '94] to serve as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As the second most senior official at HUD, Coloretti will manage the Department's day-to-day operati… More