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Posts from January 2014

In Search of Integration: Beyond Black & White

by Rucker Johnson

Response: Rucker C. Johnson Rucker Johnson is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at UC-Berkeley.His work considers the role of poverty and inequality in affecting life chances. I appreciate the opportunity to join this blog platform and react to the thoughtful, provocative, and rich comments set forth by … More

Closing loopholes or eroding rights?: The politics of food stamps and “heat and eat”

By Miranda Everitt & Philip Rocco

Read enough political journalism and you will likely be convinced of a simple truth: public policy exists to serve economic ends. We grant tax deductions to encourage home ownership; we extend unemployment insurance to spur economic growth during a crisis. But there is more to public policy than the search for eco… More

I Believe in Human Rights: Defining and Protecting the Human Right to Housing

by Jessica Reed, National Programs Intern

I often hear – and firmly believe – that “housing is a human right,” not a privilege.  Many communities invest resources into shelters, transitional housing, and other services for their homeless populations.  However, people experiencing homelessness need their fundamental right … More