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How About Creating a National Energy Policy?

Jennifer Granholm at Ted 2013

by Helen Walters Kicking off the TED conference would be a daunting prospect for most, but Jennifer Granholm has tackled both nastier challenges and less friendly audiences in her time. After all, she is the former governor of Michigan, a state that, as the blurb to her book A Governor’s Story: The Fight fo… More

Faculty: Solomon Hsiang

Soloman Hsiang studies how climate change affects people in the Caribbean, Central America, the Philippines, and around the world. This summer, he will join the faculty of the Goldman School.

You have a science and urban planning background. How did you come into the world of public policy? I know that because of my background, it might look like I “stumbled” into public policy — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. From the very start of my time as an undergraduate, I… More

Preschool Advocates Should Tamp Expectations

By Sean La Guardia (MPP Candidate '13)

Ever since President Obama's emphasized universal early childhood education in his State of the Union address, the chattering class has gleefully proclaimed its potential to be a game-changer for America. There is no doubt early childhood education leads to short-term academic success and perhaps long-term stu… More

State Needs Federal Investment, Not Cuts

by Luke Reidenbach (MPP Candidate '13)

The aerospace industry is worried. Its most important customer, the Department of Defense, might have to cut more than $40 billion from its budget this year because of automatic spending cuts, otherwise known as the sequester, which - without congressional action - will begin Friday. Such cuts would be “ca… More