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Posts from 2013

Rebundling Higher Education

By Dean Henry E. Brady

As a result of the internet and financial challenges, higher education might become unbundled in the next decade as its functions are separated into different pieces and markets. The decline of newspapers in the past 20 years provides an object lesson about what can happen, but higher education has strengths that … More

Beyond Fossil Fuels

An Interview with Dan Kammen

Ever heard of California’s “Low Carbon Fuel Standard”? UC Berkeley prof Dan Kammen co-wrote it. What about the terms “cap and trade” and “carbon offsets”? Kammen helped popularize these concepts for the American public and transform the way we view energy consumption. As… More

David Kirp’s Strategy for Public Schools

Listen to Professor David Kirp on KQED's Forum as he discusses strategies to rebuild our public schools. His latest book is Improbable Scholars: The Rebirth of a Great American School System and a Strategy for America's Schools.  More

Interview with Solomon Hsiang

Solomon Hsiang studies how climate change affects people in the Caribbean, Central America, the Philippines, and around the world. This summer, he will join the faculty of the Goldman School. You have a science and urban planning background. how did you come into the world of public policy? I know that becaus… More