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Janet Napolitano Named Next UC President

US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been nominated by a special committee of the UC Regents to be the next president of the University of California.  “This is a very intriguing appointment for the University of California,” says Dean Henry E. Brady. “Someone of this… More

Does Obama’s Early Education Proposal Have a Chance?

Does Obama’s Early Education Proposal Have a Chance?

Children's advocates high-fived when President Obama called for "high quality preschool" for "every child in America" in his State of the Union Address. The details of the plan are considerably more complicated -- for one thing, federal money would be used mainly for poor and working-class kids, though… More

Can Driverless Cars Save the Postal Service?

Ding! That sound could soon be the USPS app alerting you to an imminent delivery, after which a driverless Postal Service vehicle arrives at your door and a robotic arm delivers your package. While this may sound like science fiction, driverless vehicles will be coming to streets near you sooner than you may… More