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Posts from May 2013

Don’t Ask…Just Play

Like many Americans, I took my kids to see the new Jackie Robinson bio-pic “42."  They were appropriately shocked and appalled by the vile way he was treated by the bigots he faced in the streets and on the field.  On the way home, I warned them to “brace yourselves –… More

PB Vallejo

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Public Policy Larry Rosenthal serves on the research board the City of Vallejo's participatory budget project. PB Vallejo brings the budgeting process directly to residents, allowing them to debate, discuss and vote on city projects, from street lights to senior… More

Rebundling Higher Education

As a result of the internet and financial challenges, higher education might become unbundled in the next decade as its functions are separated into different pieces and markets. The decline of newspapers in the past 20 years provides an object lesson about what can happen, but higher education has strengths… More

Beyond Fossil Fuels

Ever heard of California’s “Low Carbon Fuel Standard”? UC Berkeley prof Dan Kammen co-wrote it. What about the terms “cap and trade” and “carbon offsets”? Kammen helped popularize these concepts for the American public and transform the way we view energy consumption.… More