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Posts from March 2013

Center on Civility and Democratic Engagement

The Class of '68 Celebrates 45 Years and Its Lasting Legacy

The Goldman School’s Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement (CCDE), founded by the Cal Class of 1968 on their 40th reunion, seeks to promote civility in public discourse and prepare future leaders to successfully engage people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints in the resolution of public policy i… More

Five Ways to Integrate Drones into Domestic Airspace

by Samra Kasim (MPP '08) and Matt Caccavale

Addressing the security and privacy concerns [of drones in domestic airspace], while meeting the integration deadline, will likely require federal, state, and local officials to experiment with new regulatory models. More

It’s Still a Bear Market for Workers

by Robert Reich

The Labor Department reported a week ago that 236,000 jobs had been created in February. That's good news - but not nearly good enough. Even if this rate were to continue, which seems unlikely, the United States wouldn't be back to pre-recession levels of unemployment for another four years. American wor… More

Better to Work with the Schools We Have

by David Kirp

School board elections are usually placid affairs, but that wasn't the case in the recent Los Angeles election. Would-be kingmakers, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and media magnate Rupert Murdoch, spent nearly $4 million to defeat incumbent Steven Zimmer. Zimmer's sin was to question th… More