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An End-of-Year Message from Dean Henry E. Brady

Dear Alumni and Friends of the Goldman School:

Like many of you, I find myself reflecting on the state of our nation and world as 2016 draws to a close. I deeply believe in decency toward others, tolerance, respect for each and every person, the value of freedom, and the need for equal opportunity. I also believe in the importance of knowledge and information in the policy process, the opportunities for government to make the world better, and the importance of democracy as a voice for everyone.

At this juncture in history, I am profoundly worried about the divisions in America and the rejection of scientific and policy knowledge by many people. Yet I have great faith in the resilience of the American political system and in America’s commitment to the rule of law and Constitutionalism enforced by an independent judiciary.

Although I see many dangers ahead, I am left with hope that the American experiment built upon “liberty and justice for all” will prevail, and I am left with faith that together we, the GSPP community, can work to inspire one another, to further the values we cherish, and to determine courses of action that will promote our beliefs in democracy, knowledge, decency, and fairness.

We rely on your generosity to make our rigorous, fact-based policy education accessible to bright, passionate students from all backgrounds. Please consider a year-end gift and thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Goldman School.