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The war against preschool

There's nothing controversial-sounding about Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's campaign pledge to make a $10 billion federal investment in high-quality early education. After all, 38 states and the District of Columbia now underwrite pre-kindergarten. With GOP stalwarts such as … More

All in the genes?

Heredity versus environment, nature versus nurture: the argument over what best explains intelligence has been going strong for more than a century. It's been a nasty fight, with each side questioning the other's bona fides, and it's not just an academic squabble. What's at stake isn't simply t… More

Restoring justice to juvenile justice system

Legislation that is now on the governor's desk is a long-overdue attempt to reform the state's disastrous juvenile justice system is broken beyond repair. The measure, Senate Bill 81, turns over responsibility for all but the most violent juvenile offenders to their home counties. While that's a wise m… More

On Proposition 82’s call for universal preschool / Should the state educate 4-year-olds? / PRO: Pres

Should free, high-quality preschool be available to every 4-year-old in the state? That's what Proposition 82, which appears on the June 6 ballot, guarantees. If the research matters, the answer is a no-brainer: pre-kindergarten is a smart investment to make in our children's futures. A library-s… More