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Reforming the Peace Corps

In November 2011, President Barack Obama signed the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act into law, enacting the most substantial reform of the iconic agency since its inception in 1961.The legislation was the result of years of advocacy from David Puzey (MPP/ERG Candidate '14), whose sister, Pe… More

Stop the Clock Week (April 2-6, 2012)

“Stop the Clock” week provides students and faculty with a chance to interact with and to hear from leading decision-makers who have worked in government. This year, the Goldman School welcomes Regents’ Lecturer Ann Veneman (MPP ‘71), former US Secretary of Agriculture ( 2001-05) and E… More

Solar opportunity or new trade war?

The Solyndra uproar and the International Trade Commission Dec. 2 decision to investigate Chinese solar panel manufacturers for dumping their products below cost in the United States threatens to distract us from what we need most: a proactive, long-term clean and sustainable energy strategy. If you loo… More

Paddling of schoolchildren needs to end

Multiple choice question: In 20 states it's legal to hit (1) an animal, (2) a prisoner, (3) a soldier or (4) a schoolchild. The right answer is - astonishingly - No. 4. Keep your hands off Fido, the law says, and don't manhandle convicts, but from Florida to Wyoming (but not, thank goodness, in California… More