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Muna Idow’s 2018 MPA Graduation Speech

“Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished members of faculty, staff members, families, and fellow graduates. Good morning. On behalf of the graduating class of 2018 I would like to say welcome and thank you for celebrating this special day with us as we begin this exciting and exuberant post-graduation chapter. … More

Unequal Political Voice in the New American Gilded Age

In the latest contribution to the Democracy Papers, Kay Schlozman, Henry Brady, and Sidney Verba give an authoritative overview of inequalities of political voice in the United States. Drawing on their recently published book, Unequal and Unrepresented: Political Inequality and the People’s Voice i… More

Warming climate will likely boost suicide rates worldwide

As global temperatures rise because of climate change, suicide rates are likely to rise as well, according to a new analysis by Stanford University and UC Berkeley researchers. The study, published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, concluded that projected temperature increases over the next few de… More

BIFYA Launches Anxiety Study

College students and young adults are more anxious now than ever before. A new study launched by the Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans (BIFYA) at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy aims to find out why and what—from a public policy standpoint—can be done about it. A… More