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Our Staff and Volunteers

The Hague Domestic Violence Project is located at Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy. It was previously located at the Universities of Minnesota and Washington. Our team is made up of experts and community based activists.

Our Team

Sudha Shetty, Esq., is Assistant Dean for Global and Executive Programs at the Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley.

Jeffrey L. Edleson, Ph.D., is Dean and  Professor in the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley.

Jessica Ma is the Hague Domestic Violence Project Fellow. 

Courtney Knigge is our Intern


Current Volunteer Professionals 

Jessica S. Goldberg, Esq. is the former Hague Domestic Violence Project Attorney and currently serves as Project Advisor. 

Research Team (2006-2012)

Taryn Lindhorst, Ph.D., School of Social Work at the University of Washington.

Luz Lopez, Ph.D., Boston University School of Social Work.

Gita Mehrotra, Ph.D, University of Utah School of Social Work.

William Vesneski, Evaluation, Planning & Research Director, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

National Advisory Board (2006-2012)

Hon. Barbara Madsen, Chief Justice, Washington State Supreme Court

Hon. Ann Schindler, Judge, Washington Court of Appeals

Prof. Merle H. Weiner, Philip H. Knight Professor, University of Oregon School of Law

Chad Allred, J.D., Attorney-at-Law, Ellis, Li & McKinstry

Barbara Hart, J.D., Battered Women's Justice Project & University of Southern Maine

Paula Lucas, Founder/Executive Director, The American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center

Sarah Ainsworth, J.D., Senior Legal & Legislative Counsel, Legal Voice, Seattle.

Roberta Valente, J.D., General Counsel, National Network to End Domestic Violence

Past Volunteer Professionals (2007-2012)

Cari O'Brien, Esq., is a graduate of Macalester College and William Mitchell College of Law.  

Carolyn Hansen, Esq., FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

Larry Tweed, Esq., graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in 2002. Larry worked as an Attorney Editor for FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

Mary Grams, Esq., FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

Nick Gardner, Esq., FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

Troy Lightfield, is the owner of Totem Web Solutions, a Minneapolis-based website design and search marketing firm.

Maria Magdalena Minvielle, LLM, FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

Brendan Donckers, Esq., is an associate with Gendler & Mann.  

Former Volunteer Law Students (2007-2012)

Catherine Harris is a graduate of William Mitchell College of Law and was a student when she volunteered.

Jennifer Brennan was a student at William Mitchell College of Law when she volunteered.

Andrea Albright was a law student at William Mitchell College of Law when she volunteered.

Violet Odala, LLM, received her LLM from the University of Minnesota Law School.