Goldman School of Public Policy - University of California, Berkeley

Program on Decision Making

Global and Executive Programs in collaboration with G2+ Center will host an executive program on “Forecasting and Decision Making” in October 2017.  This capacity building program is designed to help participants understand decision-makers’ inherit biases, the limitations of forecasting, as well as cutting-edge thinking in decision making and strategic planning. To do so, it incorporates inter-disciplinary research in behavioral science, policy analysis, scenario planning and beyond. Instructors and speakers include senior faculty from both UC Berkeley and Stanford University as well as industry leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area. Additional practicum activities will enhance participants’ understanding of theories learned in the classroom. This program is tailored for entrepreneurs and executives from both private and public sectors who are faced with wide-ranged challenges, needs for innovation and growth. 

The program is scheduled from October 1 to October 8 of this year and will be based in Berkeley and various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area--see Projected Schedule for more details. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Inquiry Form below and a program staff member will contact you directly.