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Nigeria Delta State Legislators

It was a wonderful experience and privilege hosting 40 representatives from the House Assembly of Delta, Nigeria at the Goldman School of Public Policy.  The Global and Executive Programs developed a two week program bringing in faculty members and practitioners to provide their insight in the areas of leadership, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, city planning, education, food security, and agriculture.

The goal of this program was to provide snapshots of innovation in California and enable the legislators to scale them to improve the livelihood of their constituents, not only through time in the classroom, but also with site visits to see theory applied in practice.  Speaker of the Assembly, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei noted the importance of participating in a leadership training program “because it shapes your thought patterns, your thought process” and allows you to keep constituents in mind as new policy is implemented.  The Speaker also noted that the Leadership & Power of Legislation program gave him a “template for solving issues,” by synthesizing topics, values, and the tools together as a means of solving problems.

This is the first program of a 3-term partnership with Integrated Leader Education. Our partnership with the legislators will continue beyond these programs and the school will continue to be a resource for them and assist in building bridges and fomenting better policies.  More importantly, we look forward to continued learning and broadening our worldview by having the legislators in our classrooms. As Assistant Dean Ms. Sudha Shetty said, “I personally believe that everyone that has met these wonderful and spirited legislators via our Global Programs have learnt a lot from them.” 

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