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Kochi University of Technology Faculty and Administrators

The Goldman School of Public Policy welcomed delegates from Kochi University of Technology, Japan (KUT) from August 26 – September 6, 2013 for a customized executive program on Higher Education Policy, Management, and Strategy conducted in partnership with the Center for Studies in Higher Education of the University of California, Berkeley.  Discussions on the development of the program culminated in an official visit by top KUT officials led by University President Professor Sakuma Taketo in April 2012.

Established in the Kochi Prefecture in 1997, KUT is a publicly-initiated and privately-operated university that seeks to strengthen its management and strategies in order to build a world-class institution that is ready to face the challenges of globalization. Through the executive program, KUT distilled insights from senior administrators and professors from UC Berkeley and other institutional partners in order to find answers to pressing questions on its long-term mission, goals, resources and academic excellence.

The delegation was led by Mr. Masahiko Isobe, Vice-President of KUT.  Participants included senior administrators from areas such as general affairs, international relations, personnel, admissions, computing, facility management, and student placement. Faculty members from various KUT departments such as Environmental Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology, Core Studies, Systems Engineering, Management, and the School of Information also took part in the program.

In order to provide a comprehensive approach to evaluating the management and academic strategies of a university, the executive program covered topics such as:

• Operational Excellence:  An Efficiency Model
• The Future of Higher Education:  Strategic Analysis of Higher Education Market, Products of Higher Education
• The World is Flattening – Higher Education Policy and Global Perspective
• Eightfold Path Problem Solving, Leadership and Strategic Management in Higher Education
• Admission, Communication and Enrollment Management
• University Communication Strategy
• Attracting and Managing the Top Students for Graduate Programs
• Maintaining Faculty Quality
• University Fundraising, Research Support and Capital Campaigns
• The Quality of Undergraduate Education
• Fostering Multidisciplinary Research

The participants also had the opportunity to visit UC Merced, the Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society, the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Library.  They heard from the University of California Office of the President’s Executive Director for Innovation Alliances & Services, William Tucker on the topic of the university’s role in technology transfer.   Finally, the executive program included a visit to Yosemite National Park.